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Product Description

WHAT WE DO As the largest and leading trade association in the vapor industry we are committed to its’ continued growth and expansion. We represent the interests of the non-big tobacco supply chain, including manufacturers, online retailers, brick and mortar vape stores, distributors, importers and wholesalers.

Membership in SFATA gives you access to information and knowledge, helps you gain political clout and experience, enhances your reputation, helps you make personal and business connections and has the potential to increase your purchasing power.

PRINCIPLES SFATA is committed to providing an alternative to combustible tobacco products for adult smokers:

SFATA and its members sell only to adults SFATA and its members have not and do not market to minors SFATA and its members support a national age standard on the sale of vapor products and e-liquids In order to provide the high-quality, reliable product the industry strives to create, SFATA has instituted the following standards in order to assure vapor products are appropriately marketed, packaged, and sold:

SFATA and its members do not make any health or cessation marketing claims not appropriately supported by science SFATA and its members support packaging all e-liquids in child resistant caps, consistent with the Poison Prevention Packaging Act SFATA and its members support appropriate labeling – including nicotine strength, ingredient listing, and all appropriate warnings SFATA and its members support the development of industry consensus standards that are consistent with the American National Standards Institute requirements Additionally SFATA encourages its members that produce e-liquids to:

Agree to only use FDA certified “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) for human ingestion products in their e-liquids Institute expert mixing processes; including employee training and the use of clean rooms SFATA also recognizes that the science behind this new industry is not yet settled. We believe that the science will confirm vapor products are an innovative and disruptive force in the marketplace that provide the potential to transition millions of Americans away from combustible cigarette smoking. Additional research must be performed in the following areas:

The relative harm reduction potential of transitioning away from combustible cigarette smoking to vaping Nicotine toxicity and exposure studies Behavioral studies reflecting the role of customizable products in cessation effort; and Additional studies on adult flavor preferences and their role in smoking cessation SFATA supports a public education campaign – both to highlight these products are intended only for adult use and to highlight their potential for adult smokers.